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Top 07 Cat Breed’s list in U.S & U.K

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What is Pet?

A Pet is a companion animal which is always kept and cared by a person for his/her company  or entertainment. As a pet, maximum people’s choice is cat / cat breed because Cat’s are easily trainable and easily maintainable domesticated animal.

Behind this, Cat’s are also very loyal, smart, gentle, docile. Cat has very soft fur and innocent look that melts people heart like me. For these reasons, People select this animal as pet.

But the problem is, It has many breeds. Each have their own lifestyle and characters. So you got puzzled about it, which cat breed will be suitable for you.Dont Worry!! I am here to help you out.

After reading this, You will be master to select your own cat’s breed as your Let’s get into the world of cat breeds…


Fig: Abyssinian

Abyssinian is the inquisitive, playful and smartest  cat, also known as “Abys”. The Abyssinians are the natural breeds of domestic short haired cat. They are slender, medium sized ,  having well developed bone.

They are so much energatic, active amd gentle. They have “ticked tabby” coat which is dense and soft having darker and lighter shades.Their body colour can be black, chocolate, fawn and cinnamon. Abyssinian’s life span is 13-14 years and weight can be 10-12 pounds.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail cat
Fig: American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a very sturdy and  uncommon breed of domestic cat. They have a wild look and stubby bobbed tail. It takes more time than another pet cat’s breed to develop, which is nearly two or three years.Their body type is cobby, stocky having substantial bones.

This breed is hearty, devoted, social, most cuddly, moderately energatic, loyal and playful cat. This breed is also known as therapy Cat’s. They are not very active but they love to walk and fetch.

This cat breed can be your best travelling partner beacuse of their highly adaptable nature. It can easily adapt itself with any pets, peoples and environments.

American Ringtail

American ringtail
Fig: American Ringtail

This is a new type cat breed,originated through mutation in United States. They have a foreign body type with a semi long body coat.They have a curling tail which looks like ring shape towards their back so they are called Ringtail. This cat breed is also called as “Ringtail Sing-a-Ling”.

They are very curious, sweet, Affectionate, quite loving, outgoing, and so much patient also. This cat’s colour can be tabby, Brown, white, cream, black, pied, cream, orange, gray. They are suitable for Families with older children, singles, seniors, first-time cat owners.

It can be eight to ten inches long.It’s body weight can be seven to fifteen pounds. With proper care,this breed’s lifespan can be 15–20 years.

American Shorthair

American Shorthair cat
Fig: Americam Shorthair

American shorthair is the natural breed of domesctic short haired cat. It was first brought to North America from European Countries by early settlers of that time to save their expensive products from mice and rats.This cat breed is the most popular cat breed in United states from then time till now.

Their body type is cobby having a short body coat. They have a solid, powerful and mascular body. This breed is playful, lazy, sweet, affectionate and docile which helps it to make a soft place in human being’s heart.

Male breed’s are larger than female breeds. Male breed’s weight can be 11-15 pounds at it’s age of 3-4 years. Female breed’s can be 6-12 pounds at her full growth. If this breed is cared well, it’s lifespan can be 14-15 years.

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American Wirehair

American Wirehair
Fig: American Wirehair

American wirehair is the spontaneous mutation breed of American Shorthair. It’s thick and dense wiry coat and whishkers make it different from American Shorthair breed.This cat breed has a normal springy body.

They are playful, humorous, active, tolerant,calm and quite. This breed is also a lap- cat that’s why they are kept in indoors. Though this cat breed has complicated fur structure, but it is the most beautiful cat breed for grooming.

It is the most popular cat breed in United States.This breed can be the best companion for families, senior citizens and single peoples.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Breed
Fig: Bengal Cat

Bengal is the smallest cat breed in size. These are domestic Cat’s breed in spite of looking like miniature wild cat’s.

They have variety in colours like sepia, silver, brown spotted, seal lynx pointed and mink spotted. They are sweet, smart, active, lovely, curious, energatic and devoted felines.

They look for more affection and if they don’t get that they can be very destructive. This breed can be a good partner for your morning walk or jogging, beacuse it loves to go out for exercise.

Maine coon

Maine Coon Cat
Fig: Maine Coon

Maine coon is the largest domesticatedcat breed which originated in the Maine state of United States. It is the oldest natural breeds in North America.

This breed is a large, gentle and social that’s why it is also known as “The Gentle Giant”. It has a robust bone structure, rectangular body shape, double layered body coat with long or medium hair and a long bushy tail.

They are playful, active and a good companior for walking.


Cat images source – Wikipedia

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